• Shivraj Brass International is one of the Leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Precision Sheet Metal Parts and Precision Metal Stamping Parts made from brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and copper alloys and that which are used in industries like electronics, electrical, lighting, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, etc.
  • Our dedicated team manufactures finest quality of brass precision sheet cutting parts and metal stamped components with the help of die metal stamping process and using Power Press machines having capacity upto 75 ton.
  • We offer brass metal stamping parts with high tolerance and accuracy.
  • We manufacture Precision Sheet Metal Components with high quality materials sourced from trusted vendors and that which has longer lifespan and thoroughly tested by our Quality Control Team with Quality Testing Equipments.
Brass Sheet Metal Parts-1
Copper Sheet Metal Parts-2
Brass Sheet Metal Parts-3
Brass Sheet Metal Parts-4

Technical Description

Brass Washers Brass Lugs Brass Tags
Brass Links Brass Gaskets Brass Terminals
Brass Banana Plugs Brass Tapping Clips Brass Hinges
Many other metal stamping parts
Resistance To Deterioration
Dimensionally accurate and precise
Parts with high electrical conductivity and tolerance
Part are thin, uniform, light in weight and strong
Stronger against Casting and Forging parts
Superb Endurance
Standards like ISO, GB, DIN, EN, JIS, ASTM
Any Other Standards as per Customers' needs and specifications.
Any Metal Stamped Parts with Thickness from 0.50 mm to 5.00 mm can be manufactured
Plain Washers are available with Standard Size from M2 to M25
Any Other Sizes & Types of metal stamping parts can be manufactured as per Customers' needs and specifications.
Any High Grades of Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Copper Alloys As per Customers' needs and specifications
Natural, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tin Plated, Zinc Plated, Chrome Plated, Copper Plated
Any Other Specific Surface Plating / Finish as per Customers' needs and specifications
Electronic Industries Electrical Industry Semiconductor Industry
Automobile Industry Aerospace Necessities Lighting Industry
Other Industries
In India as well as USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Middle East.
We Export Brass Sheet Metal Components, Brass Metal Stamping Parts, Sheet Metal Parts to Other Countries as well.

Our Experienced Team would be glad to assist you in Developing Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Parts as Per your needs and Specifications

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